Drafting design inspiration from two things I love

Beertypelogos.com is a creative project of Matt Everley—independent art director and branding specialist located in Hickory, North Carolina. The project has been “complete” for a while now, but I’ve found a way to keep it going!

The Original Project: 1 year. 52 logos. Holy crap.

For the entire year of 2015, I challenged myself to design 52 logos—1 per week—using a different font to create a unique brewery-style beer logo. The driving factor of the design for each beer-type logo was the font itself. The name of the font and the style dictated the direction of the logo and whether or not I made it all type or integrated other design elements such as icons, flourishes, etc. I didn’t start out thinking every logo would use ONLY the font of it’s name, but after getting over halfway through staying true to using only a particular font (or its family members) I wanted to be consistent to the end.

I hoped for this to be a freeing experience, although I sought critique from other designers, clients and friends. The logos aren’t meant to be perfect. I am not totally satisfied with some as I know they can be pushed a lot further. Each logo is a “quickie”, so please don’t hold it against me if they are plain or not carried through! They are meant to be creative exercises. All in all, I think this project was a success.

Continuing to Celebrate Craft Beer and Design

Fast forward to today, I’ve managed to pick up several breweries as clients, as well as a handful of others in the beverage space. So I’m turning Beer-Type Logos into more of a portfolio to show this work, with the intention of gaining new beer and beverage clients.

Original Goals & Objectives

I am constantly looking to be inspired by the world around me. What time of year, where I am or where I travel to, and last but definitely not least the beer I am drinking! Here’s what I was thinking, and as you can see all of the goals were attained!

  1. Inspiration. My main goal is to get inspired and provide inspiration to others. I love to design. I want to serve as inspiration to other designers whether they are logo designers, graphic designers searching for beer label and logo inspiration, or anyone in general looking for fonts or graphic design inspiration. I love to drink craft beer. I love to design while drinking craft beer. And although I don’t feel it is necessary to drink beer while creating these logos, it is probably going to happen. (update… it happened!)
  2. Discover new beer. I’m always up for exploring new craft beers, new types of beer, and new brews to taste. I’m also looking to gain a better understanding of the craft beer community. (update… it happened!)
  3. Discover new fonts. No matter how many fonts I have at my disposal (well over 5,000 at this point in my career) I’m always on the lookout for new and different fonts. I’m hoping to find new fonts for beer projects, as well as other graphic design projects. (update… it happened!)
  4. Gain new clients in the craft beer industry. I thoroughly enjoy working for craft beer brands and I’m looking forward to forming new partnerships in the brewing industry. (update… it happened!)

North Carolina: A Craft Beer Mecca

My small graphic design studio is located in Hickory, North Carolina—nestled in in the foothills of Western NC, at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s a wonderful thing to be surrounded by so many NC breweries and booming potential (#ncbeer—woot, woot!), and I feel my location serves me well in the craft beer community and my efforts to design for brewery brands.

The idea for beertypelogos.com was born from the many taphandle graphics I have done over the past year for Granite Falls Brewing Company in Granite Falls, North Carolina. I have been completing small, one-off type treatments for GFB that have inspired me to create my own line of beer-type logos.

Fonts used for this site

The logo for this project was created using Lobster, a free Google webfont, but you can download the OTF here. I’m finding Lobster is used in a lot of beer marketing, so maybe it’s not the most original but hey, it fits the bill! The body copy is set in one of my all-time favorites, Helvetica. (Yeah, yeah, I know it doesn’t work on the screen as well as in print, but I still love it.)