A Turn for the Better

In Italian, the word volta means “turn”. A Google search led me to the Poetry Foundation who state, “In a sonnet, the volta is the turn of thought or argument.” Hmm, a turn… yes definitely a turn. Because if you asked me if I liked German beer about 2 years ago (and especially 10 years ago) I would probably say, “Meh, it’s okay but I don’t really like it all that much.” Well, I think my taste buds have turned!

Beer is What the Germans Do Best

Ok, so I stole that from a Beck’s commercial. (And damn good advertising if I still remember that came from them all those years ago!) But I have to agree, especially here lately because I have been lovin’ the German brews and the US craft beer takes on their styles.

The latest German beer style to bless my lips is a white beer called Weisse (pronounced “Vice”). Weissbier is translated literally to English as “white beer”, and is often referred to as Weizenbier which translates to “wheat beer”. The few I have tried are delicious in their own respects, such as Julius Echter Premium Weissbier that has a clean taste with a bit of banana from the yeast used.

Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, a North Carolina brewery just down the road in Charlotte makes a tasty Berliner Weisse. (Umm, another translation… “Berlin White”) Berliner Weisse beers areĀ  typically cloudy, sour, white beers of around 3% abv. I’m gonna have to try more of these!

Let’s Not Forget the Font

Volta is terrifically bold, block serif font ready for some headlines. There’s a much thinner version of the typeface in the Medium font, and even a nice stenciled version I originally wanted to use but shied away from. I’m not sure why I picked it. I just think “Volta Vice” sounded nice.

And it just so happens I’m a huge fan of the band The Mars Volta. If you’ve never heard of them, you should really check ’em out!

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