V is for Vienna Lager

Week 27 was a roller coaster ride of inspiration and process. I knew I wanted to create a Beer-Type logo for a Vienna Lager, so instead of choosing a font and then selecting a craft beer style to match, I did it the other way around. The original font wasn’t Vendetta at all. It started out with a grungy, brush-stroked font called Againts. But that didn’t sound right, so then I went with Vast Shadow. It sounded good, but didn’t fit the bill either. So then I started looking for a font that started with a “V” and sounded good with Vienna Lager. The name seemed fitting for the eagle on the Austrian flag, with it’s hammer and sickle. So bam! An idea is born.

Vendetta is a great serif font, although I must admit I don’t use it often and have never used it in a logo design. The name definitely carried this beer logo and gave it an identity all its own. I got Vendetta font from an Emigre Type pack many years ago. But you can purchase it individually from

Vienna Lager is a style of beer originating from Austria but found roots in Mexico and is now finding itself more and more on craft beer shelves at your local bottle shop. The story is really all very interesting! You can read about the history of Vienna Lagers and more about this beer style. They are not your traditional yellow lager beers, but amber in color and more like marzens or oktoberfests. The name comes from the type of malt used in brewing, referred to as Vienna malt or Munich malt. Olde Hickory Brewing crafts a Vienna Lager called Ruby Lager (my wife’s favorite), but my favorite is Elliot Ness from Great Lakes Brewing. You have to try this stuff! Another beer to try is the Mango Vienna Lager from BearWaters Brewing in Waynesville, NC. My wife and I kept coming back to their booth at the Hickory Hops Beer Festival for this brew! (Although a side note, BearWaters doesn’t say their Mango Lager is a Vienna-style on their website, so I hope I’m correct.)

From a taste perspective, a Vienna Lager is hit or miss. If you have a recommendation for this beer style, let me know in the comments!

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