What’s the word? Thunderbird! I had some fun with this one—just what I was looking for in this project. Ahh, refreshing…

Dubbel Trubbel?

I imagine this beer type to be a Dubbel, or in other circles known as a “Double“. It’s often confusing to me the terminology used when describing Belgian brews. Dubbels are often associated with Tripels and Quadrupels, but they are all quite different. Where a Dubbel is a strong, dark beer with more malt taste than hops, a Tripel is lighter in color and often blonde, while a Quadrupel has more of a fruit presence. ABV goes up with each version, which makes sense enough for me!

Granite Falls Brewing makes a Dubbel called Grand Majesty—named after a prized bull on a local farm in the region about a half-century ago. The beer does its name justice, because it’s a beast!

Bring the Thunder

Thunderbird is a FREE western-style font available from There are several other versions carrying the same name, but condensed or shaped differently, so keep your eyes out for those. And are you thinking what I’m thinking? That’s right, that little two-headed birdie up there is actually a symbol from a font called Mexican Relics. I cheated and used two fonts on this beer-type logo design—you caught me!

Update: I have recently come to find out—over a year and a half after I created this beer logo—that a Thunderbird was a mythical creature in Native American culture that was said to arrive with a thunderstorm,or perhaps was the reason for the storm itself. It had two heads and was thought to have a wingspan of over 1 mile wide! Was it only coincidence I made my little birdie have two heads and call this a double? Hmmm.

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