Ok, so I couldn’t resist. What better name for a beer font logo than Thirsty? It’s not quite the dog-days of Summer just yet, but the warmer weather has me thinking about sippin’ brewskies by the side of the pool.

A Summer Shandy is your craft beer of the week, you ask?

Why yes, because it’s the perfect blend of beer and “juice” to quench the thirst of even the snobbiest of craft beer connoisseurs. You can make it from pilsners or lagers or just about any kind of beer, then mix it with something fruity. There are not many craft breweries making shandies, but Granite Falls Brewery makes a killer Radler (another name for Shandy) by mixing their Hoppalachia IPA and lemonade. It’s like if Arnold Palmer mixed beer instead of tea with his lemonade—now that’s my kind of golf drink! And I recently had a “Dirty Peach” from R.J. Rockers Brewing Company that is a mix of their Son of a Peach Wheat Ale and Bald Eagle Brown Ale—a stretch to be called a shandy, but delicious nonetheless.

Interested in learning more? Here are a few handy links about shandy beers…

Thirsty for a new script font?

Thirsty is a great alternative to Lobster, a font commonly used in logos for the beer and brewery industry. (I should know, I used this font for the official website logo for Beer-Type Logos and now I am seeing it everywhere!) The weight of Thirsty is nice and heavy, yet it is playful and reads well. What’s even better is that you can download this font for free (for personal use only).

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