Star Jedi

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Oh, I’ve got the fever. That’s right, the Star Wars fever! I’m so pumped about the next saga of Star Wars I can hardly stand it. Today’s release of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens is sure to thrill movie goers of all ages, and inspire a new generation of love. And because I’m such a fan and Star Wars geek, I figure what the heck. I’ll design a logo to show my respect for this great franchise.

Branding an Empire with Type

The typeface used for the Star Wars dynasty is quite the branding powerhouse. It’s similar to the fonts I used for my Mephisto logo (Sierra Nevada) or Metal Lord (Iron Maiden), where the font becomes so well associated with the brand that no one would dare create a logo using that font in the same market. However it’s different because instead of the entity choosing a typeface, using it as their own for decades, and therefore “owning” it in a certain sense of the word, the Star Jedi font was based on the preexisting Star Wars logo typeface logo, in somewhat of a tribute to the brand. You wouldn’t dare use this font for anything other than relating to Star Wars, would you?

Why is this Beer an Imperial?

Well, for the Galactic Empire of course! But I’m really talking about what makes a beer an Imperial brew. Imperial typically means brewed to a higher strength. So an Imperial IPA is brewed with the same types of hops and malt, but in larger quantities. Here’s an article that talks about why beers are called imperial.

Starblossoms: The Rarest of Rare Fruits

I like an Imperial Stout brewed with added stuff—whether it’s coffee, hot peppers, vanilla—you name it. So I did a little research on a food or fruit seen or mentioned in one of the movies. As it turns out, there isn’t any referral in the first six movies, however a fruit is mentioned in a book or two. Starblossoms are a fruit found only on Princess Leia’s home planet of Alderaan. And well, since that planet was blown up by the Death Star, I’d say that’s a rare fruit indeed. But surely the empire managed to come away with several freighters full of this delicacy before the planet’s destruction in order to brew this Imperial Stout? Ok I know, my Star Wars geekdom is really coming through right now.

A Few More Random Star Wars Inspired Thoughts…

There’s tons of Star Wars-inspired products, even when it comes to craft beer. There are a couple of real-life craft beers out there paying homage to Star Wars. There’s New England Brewing’s Imperial Stout Trooper, and also Sierra Nevada’s Empire Strikes Black. Any guesses which font they use for their label designs?

And then there’s Dark Helmet by Westbrook Brewing—paying more homage to Space Balls perhaps, but they still use the Star Jedi font for part of the label’s typography! Check out this article showing the many sides of beer and Star Wars for more craft beer inspiration.

And here’s a thought. Where the heck is Luke Skywalker in the movie trailers? I’ve come upon a few articles attempting to address this very subject. Is Luke Skywalker a Sith Lord in the new Star Wars movie?

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