Spoleto is a font that you have probably seen many times before. It’s one of my favorite script fonts, and I’m currently using it on the Hoppalachia and Knotty Gurl craft beer labels for Granite Falls Brewery. It’s a great font for a beer logo, but I’m not fond of it’s numbers. They don’t seem to flow with the rest of the typeface, although I can totally see them used as numbering on the backs of sports jerseys and maybe that was the intention.

My birthday was on 6/15. Only one year from going over the hill! The “born-on” date has a double meaning… June 15th for my b-day or June of 2015 for the birth of this beer. Either way, a birthday was influential in the naming of this beer-type logo, other than the name of the font of course. On the design side, I was influenced by Shiner’s Birthday Beer. Which, by the way, have you ever checked out the typography on their beer labels? Each beer has it’s own “beer-type logo” that is purely typographic. Mad props to their designers!

Another craft beer brewed for a birthday of sorts is Westbrook’s Mexican Cake. It’s kind of like a Prairie BOMB! and I imagine my Birthday Cake Stout would taste something like these.

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