What better type of logo for this font than for a craft beer?

I’ve been trying to use this font in a logo for most of my career. I have presented multiple designs utilizing Rosewood, but those versions never seem to get picked. I guess it’s just that I’ve never used it for a craft beer logo—for which it seems to be perfect!

Rosewood is part of the Adobe Woodtype Library, which I started using way back at the start of all this. Which reminds me of the partial inspirational means of this beer-type logo…

Subliminal Memories of Beers Enjoyed Long Ago

There are plenty of Amber Ales out there in the craft beer world. Some of my favorites of this style are probably Highland’s Gaelic Ale and Bell’s Amber Ale. However as I reflect on this logo design, I would have to say I was influenced most by Killian’s Irish Red. I know, I know, that’s not a craft beer! But that doesn’t mean it didn’t come to mind during the design process, and sometimes those distant memories (or lack thereof) are just the thing to push a design where it needs to go. Oh, East Village, thank you so much for $1 draft Killian’s pints on all those weeknights on Hillsborough Street. I simply couldn’t have gotten through college without them!

An Irish Red Ale is actually more popular in America than it is in Ireland, where they favor stouts and porters. Go figure! Red ales are a crowd pleaser for sure, which is why they were a gateway beer for the college version of myself—who was longing to get passed the lights and “ice” versions of the domestic beer giants.

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