Rio Oro

A River of Gold?

I’ve been eying the Rio Oro font for a few months now wondering what kind of Beer-Type logo it could make. I thought surely it would turn out to be a cerveza of Spanish descent or maybe even something Wild West or even California gold rush. But then my taste buds discovered another kind of gold—something a little more funky. I’m talking about Prairie Artisan Ales’ Funky Gold Mosaic of course! It’s dry-hopped with huge amounts of mosaic hops to make it smell fantastic. And the taste ain’t bad either… tropical and sour with a nice aftertaste. A true inspiration for this beer lover!

That’s Gold, Jerry. Gold!

You can download Rio Oro from DaFont for free. It’s a “bold, decorative font inspired on classic “Wild West” marquees and signage,” as stated by the Author. This font includes full alphabet, small caps, accent characters, punctuation, and Euro; and regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic weights. Check it out!


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