When creating this Beer-Type logo, I immediately thought of one of my favorite go-to IPA’s—Ranger India Pale Ale from New Belgium Brewing Company. Of course it was the name, but also the flavor. I was also recently fortunate enough to try Hop Continuum No. 2 from DuClaw Brewing Co, which is a Red IPA brewed with Mosaic hops. Combine these two inspirational brews together, and here we have Ranger Red IPA. (The red ruby-amber color coming from the malt(s) used in the brewing process.)

I chose to make this brewskie double dry-hopped. As perverted as it sounds, dry-hopping is nothing more than adding dry hops at the end of the brewing process. It’s typically used to add more of a hop aroma to the beer. Coincidentally, another one of my favorite go-to IPA’s—Long Hammer IPA from Red Hook Ale Brewery is a dry-hopped IPA. It smells fantastic!

Why “double” dry-hopped for this fictitious beer? Because two is better than one, why else! (Plus, it went well with the design and I am anal-retentive when it comes to symmetry.)

Ranger Font

I scooped up this typeface from one of my favorite font websites called Lost Type. It’s a nice, fat sans-serif and comes in 4 styles. The shadow on the word “Ranger” in the logo is actually in the Shadow font for Ranger. Did I mention this font was free to download? Nice!

With this logo design, some other elements crept into play. I wanted to make this a “ranger” patch of sorts, and since it was a red IPA, I simply had to use that color. But by using a vintage shade of red and pairing it with an army green, the logo came out looking somewhat “retro Soviet”. And that was the inspiration for the star and the hops as wings at the bottom—almost an American version of sorts. Afterall, I would have to say if this was a real brew, it would be an American IPA!

Disclaimer: In no way is this a logo for Ranger IPA, nor do I wish to infringe on the graphic design of the label or the beer from the great folks at New Belgium. In actuality, I’m hoping they’ll be flattered. Ranger is indeed one of my favorites!

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