Raceway was chosen in honor of the Daytona 500, for which I was able to attend for the first time in my life (bucket list item—check). I’m not a huge fan of this font by any means. To be honest, in my humble opinion it’s kinda old school and the kerning is absolutely terrible. But much like the light beer that is only palatable in occasions such as a live race, I feel it is only fitting. And you know what? A good time is what it’s all about, not taste buds.

I actually saw this font while I was down in Daytona. Think it was for a motel or diner or something. So I was right on with this one! Well, for the place, maybe not craft beer. However, Florida’s craft beer scene—much like North Carolina’s—is blowing up! I had a sweet, local draft of Full Stem Honey Cream Ale by Ormond Brewing Company at an establishment away from the track. And, I managed to score some much desired Jai Alai IPA by Cigar City Brewing from a local bottle shop, as well as a sixer of Bimini Twist IPA by 3 Daughters Brewing out of St. Petersburg. Both of which are must tries!

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