Pussycat Snickers

A brewery-style font logo inspired by my love for peanut butter, snickers and beer.

Oh yes, there is a font called Pussycat Snickers! And while it’s not the greatest for creating a craft beer logo, it has tons of personality and gave me an idea… I love Snickers candy bars, and I love peanut butter. I also love beer. Put them all together and they are quite nice. So why not a peanut butter porter with caramel?

I enjoy the “dessert” craft beers (as I call them) that bring a sweetness or chocolate in with a smooth porter or crisp ale. For example, have you tried Liquid Bliss Peanut Butter Porter from Terrapin Beer Company? What about Sweet Baby Jesus from DuClaw Brewing? Two of my favorites. Or what about the soon-to-be-bottled Vicki the Elephant Peanut Butter Ale from Granite Falls Brewing? Trust me, it’s excellent. I mean, peanuts and beer have gone together since before I can remember.

Don’t be turned off. Even if none of these sound good, you simply must give them a try!

Back to Pussycat Snickers. A funny name for a font. But craft beers have some funny names too! I have no idea where or when I acquired this font but I did happen to find it here for download. The element of this font that caught my eye—besides the name, of course—was the little star as the dot on the “i”. I thought, hmm, I can use that somehow. Then when looking through the glyphs I saw this font was missing a ton of characters, but the symbol that was substituted was none other than the little kitty (or a version of which I tweaked to my liking). Bonus if you ask me! And I got the “yum!” from another substitute symbol. Bonus #2! So you just never know what little Easter eggs you might find in the logo design process.

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