Old Press

This is the first time I’ve ever used this font—and I think I’ll use it again! I created the background grunge effects with only the letters of this font. Nice and grungy. You can download Old Press for free. Feelin’ like sippin’ on a coffee porter right about now…

Coffee and Beer—Say What?!?

A really good porter I’ve enjoyed is Highland Brewing’s Thunderstruck Coffee Porter. Yes, coffee and beer—a match made in heaven!

There’s also Hi-Wire Brewing’s Strong Man Coffee Milk Stout. But wait a minute! This is a porter, not a stout. Well now, technically speaking, all stouts are porters—getting their name from the term “stout porters”. And the term “porter” being applied to those who worked at the ports in early 18th century England and drank darker, stronger beer.

Bombs y’all. Droppin’ that beer knowledge on you like bombs.


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