Nelson Engraved

A great beer type font in my opinion, Nelson Engraved is truly special. Paired with Nelson Ornaments, wonders can be achieved. (Note: the flourishes, stars and wood background are found in the Nelson Ornaments font. Even the little birdie at the top!) When crafting this beer-type logo, I decided a lager was the best craft beer pairing. But wait, I’m an ale guy!

The Difference Between an Ale and a Lager?

Okay, so a loaded title for one paragraph of text to explain, but the short story is the type of yeast used. Ales use a yeast fermented at a higher temperature and lagers are made with a yeast that ferments at a lower, colder temperature. But of course, there can be an argument that some lager yeasts ferment just fine at higher temperatures and vice versa with ale yeasts. So the bigger question… which one tastes better? That’s for you to decide. Ales are typically more fruity and aromatic (which is why I say I’m an ale guy) while lagers are typically more crisp and lighter-tasting. I’m not anywhere near the expert in this arena, so for more information, do what I did and give it a Google. Or better yet, here are some great articles on the subject…

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