Happy Cinco de Mayo, y’all! (As heard hear ’round town in North Carolina that is.) In honor of this festive occasion we’ve all adopted as none other than a beer-drinking holiday, I present to you… Mexcellent! A “special beer”, this brew logo was inspired more by the holiday (and font name of course) than by Mexican beer. But that is not to discount the sweet and crisp lagers of our southern neighbor.

As I ponder my favorite Mexican beers (Dos Equis, Corona and Negro Modelo to name a few), I’m actually sipping on a brew from NC. It’s Triangle Brewing’s Habenero Pale Ale which is oh so tasty. True, it’s not Mexican, but I have to think that using hot peppers as an ingredient in beer would meet with approval. Hey, don’t knock me for celebrating with a local craft beer I’ve chosen as relevant. This is a blog about craft beer logos after all!

Back to honoring Mexican beer, here’s an article showing a Top Mexican Beer List. Hope y’all enjoy!

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