A Tribute Celebration

Week 25’s Beer-Type Logo design is a tribute to one of my all-time favorite craft breweries. Can you guess which one it is? That’s right, Sierra Nevada. And the font used on their beer labeling and branding is almost as iconic as their beer. I mean, if you were designing a beer label or logo, would you dare use Mephisto as the font? Which had me thinking, I have to be careful myself when designing this logo!

I have enjoyed sipping the all-natural ingredients of Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale for almost as long as I have been drinking beer. Even before craft beers were popular and everyone else was pounding the spritzer beer, a few of my friends and I were drinking this green-labeled phenom. If nothing else, it was my gateway brew to better tasting beer. As a graphic designer, I have always been drawn to Sierra Nevada’s beer label designs and typography. They are all truly works of art.

Experiencing Beer Type in Person

On Father’s Day, I had the truly awesome experience of spending time with my dear ole dad and brother at the brewery complex that is Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Mills River, NC. To say the least, it is AWESOME. The whole place is cool—from the design of the buildings and grounds, to their restaurant and food, to the garden and trails in the back, to the way they let visitors meander down a museum-like hall with windows overlooking the bottling and production of their beer (guided by none other than signage created with the same font). Oh wait, did I forget their beer? Shame on me! I was like a kid in a candy store, on Christmas morning! So many delicious offerings you can’t find in stores. The whole experience has made me even more of a brand enthusiast for their beer.

To put a cherry on top, I was coincidentally able to meet Brian Grossman of the Mills River, NC brewery Wednesday of this week for a special beer tasting here in little-ole Hickory. He’s a great guy and very humble—and he brews great beer! There’s a cool story behind how a man of this rock-stardom came to town, but I’ll let the owner of Hops & Grapes fill you in on that one. Bonus—more beers to try!

Mephisto is available for free download here, but you may want to ante up for the paid version because it includes numbers, punctuation and other special characters. It’s only about the cost of a premium six-pack of craft brew. But I realize designers are sometimes on a lite beer budget. I can’t guarantee this is the exact font Sierra Nevada uses on their labeling. Their’s seems slightly different to the trained eye. Plus, I took a peak at the CSS code of their website and it references a font called “SIERRA”. But alas, Mephisto is as close as it gets!


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