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Not Your Typical Christmas Goose!

Week 51’s Beer-Type logo design was created for the Christmas season and inspired by my friend Luke and my very own homebrewed Gose-style beer. We love gose beer (pronounced “goes-uh”)—in particular Westbrook Brewing’s Gose. So we wanted to try to brew something close. We call it “gose-style” because we didn’t follow true gose brewing protocol. Although we brewed our batch using similar ingredients including sea salt and coriander, we didn’t ferment it with bacteria.

Gose beer is somewhat of a rare beer style, but has rapidly made its way onto craft beer bottleshop shelves all across America. It’s a German beer, originating from the city of Goslar on the Gose River. The original brewers didn’t add salt—it was an ingredient found in the groundwater of that region, where they mined for minerals including salt. They did however add coriander to the brew, something that was frowned upon because it didn’t follow the Reinheitsgebot—the German purity law stating beer must only contain water, barley, hops and yeast—but was said to get away with it because it was a “regional specialty” beer.

Although we didn’t follow this recipe, here’s a great article I found on brewing your own gose. It’s chock full of this beer style’s history and brewing applications.

Hey, there “goes a” reindeer!

Gose beer is definitely not a Winter beer, nor one associated with Christmas. But that’s the beauty of homebrewing. You brew what you want regardless of the time of year and it makes it special in its own respect.

Teachers Creating Fonts for Teachers = Pretty Cool

KB Reindeer Games is a free font ready for use in personal and commercial projects. It was created by Khrys Bosland, a kindergarten teacher who loves fonts so much she decided to create a bunch of her very own. (Kinda like how I like beer so much I decided to try my hand at brewing my own? Well, maybe that’s a stretch.)

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