Week 20’s beer-type logo was fun! What better way to celebrate North Carolina craft beer and breweries than to play off the highway that connects them all? (Well, almost all of them. No offense to those off the main drag!) And what is better than 40 ounces of beer? A question I found myself asking several times in college, sipping on the Old English and Mickey’s. And I-40 is the road I frequented.

There aren’t many craft breweries out there making malt liquor, but I did find a nice little list on And here’s the difference between beer and malt liquor just in case you were wondering like me. I chose to name this Beer-Type logo a “high gravity lager” because, well, that just sounds more crafty.

Interstate is a handy san serif font ripe for use on signage and… beer labels. It’s very functional and comes in many weights and variations. Bold and Bold Condensed where my choices, but you may want to check ’em all out for yourself. Cheers!

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