Happy Fox

A Rather Sly Beer Logo

The Beer-Type logo for Week 46 came together at the 11th hour. Literally, around 11:00pm last night, I found myself redirecting what I thought was going to be a rugged, distressed Porter logo into a hand-drawn illustration built around an entirely different font.

I love it when a design comes together!

I’ve known for quite some time I was going to be creating a logo centered around the seasonal craft beer flavoring of pumpkin. In October, my wife and I got a night away in Beech Mountain, NC with some friends. We managed to slip down to Flat Top Brewing Company in Banner Elk where I had the chance to partake in a nice seasonal Pumpkin Porter they call Ichabod. From then on I said to myself, “I’m gonna make a Pumpkin Porter Beer-Type logo!” Well, it was supposed to happen around Halloween but two things happened. 1) Feast of Flesh weighed in heavier for my seasonal Halloween logo, and 2) I was fortunate enough to taste Pumpkin Down by Ballast Point Brewing for which I immediately commented on Untappd as “Pumpkin Pie”. Aha! A Beer-Type logo was born.

But wait… I needed a font to pair nicely with my Pumpkin Pie Porter. I naturally gravitated toward a typeface that starts with a “P”. (I’m big on alliteration for beer names, if you couldn’t tell before.) I eventually landed on Piedra, a rugged font free for download. Doesn’t make sense in translation, but after all it has the word “pie” within it’s name. Long story short—I just couldn’t seem to beat an idea into my computer. So then I went on a hunt. I poured over the list of potential fonts I’ve been compiling since December of last year. I have passed Happy Fox several times over the last nine months or so, but I’ve always wanted to use it. So I figured, what the heck!

Sketching… pulling nodes… warping text… I’ve got it! Looks like the slice of pie I wanted it to be, but hold on a sec, that kinda looks like the shape of a fox’s head. Could it be? I mean, could it really work out like this? Merely by chance the concept showed itself! A fox had subliminally come through and I couldn’t have been—well, happier. Time to go to sleep [10 hours later] Ok, time to get back to it. Added a nose and now what? Whiskers! (Those darn wheat whiskers took the longer than the rest of the logo itself) But it’s done and I’m a Happy Fox.

Pumpkin Beer: A season’s greeting

There are all kinds of ways to use pumpkin in beer. I’m not sure it’s the pumpkin I like necessarily, but as much the spices that come along with it. Some brewers use fresh pumpkin. Others use roasted pumpkin. Still others use pumpkin pie filling. It’s all about creating that seasonal taste. And that is what it’s all about. Mmmmm, pumpkin pie!

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