Hagin is a nice, clean, condensed serif font just begging to be used in a craft beer logo. I tried to find the origin and meaning of the name “Hagin” but it seems that no one really knows. It is said to have German, Irish and Hebrew meanings. Hey, two out of three ain’t bad for beer!

I named this one a hefeweizen because it’s a German beer style I’m familiar with, and it has a nice little ring to it. According to the German Beer Institute, Hefeweizen is another name for Weissbier (or, White Beer), but North Americans prefer the former term for this hazy, unfiltered wheat beer. “Hefe” means yeast, and “Weizen” means wheat, so Hefeweizen is “yeast wheat.” Hmm, I can see why the term Hefeweizen sounds more appealing than yeast wheat anyway!

This beer style seems to be in a lot of craft breweries’ arsenals. In my research, I also stumbled upon this little gem of a list of German Beer Styles. (Ok, so now I want to go back to Germany, and wish I had even a small percentage of the taste buds for beer back then—1999—that I do now!) And for all you Irish Hagins out there, I’d like to travel to that country of origin too!

You can download this beer-type font from Fontfabric.

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