I’ve been diggin’ the stouts lately. This is kind of a juxtaposed (oxymoronic?) term because I’m pretty sure the bourbon barrels are not made from green wood, but I could be wrong. Howse about someone that is educated about barrel-aging beer enlighten me in the comments?

This font can been found utilized in the following beer label…

Here’s an article I found on 9 Oustanding Barrel Aged Beers, but sadly enough I haven’t tried any of these ;( I have however had the chance to try some totally awe-inspiring BBA’s including Prairie’s Barrel-Aged BOMB!, Founders Brewing’s KBS and Foothills Brewing’s Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sexual Chocolate.

Greenwood Font

I’ve had this font in my collection for quite some time. Not sure where it came from, but you can download it here. It’s a great wood-block font, just begging to be used for a beer-type logo!

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