Beer Logo & Label Design: Grandfather’s Breakfast Stout

For week 1, I’m choosing a low-lying fruit, but one of my personal favorite label designs for Blowing Rock Brewing: Grandfather’s Breakfast Stout, an imperial stout brewed with coffee, toasted oats, maple syrup and natural cocoa powder.

Beer Logo Type Fonts

The font family for the main logo is The Hippia, which can be purchased from Creative Market among others. It has three variations: Regular, Sans and Script. I love font sets like this and was actually looking to use this font in a beer-type logo. But it didn’t quite make the cut.

Additional fonts utilized for this beer label design were Arvo, a Google Font used in the sidebar, and Helvetica Condensed used for the government warning and other sidebar content.

Craft Beer Label Design

Craft Beer Label Design

The design for this label was originally created way back in 2017 and has seen several updates throughout the years including Blowing Rock’s corporate badge logo redesign. I had fun creating the old man’s face in the mountain to represent the actual cliff profile. It was definitely difficult, but a labor of love nonetheless!

Did You Know?

Grandfather’s Mountain got its name from the cliff that can be seen from the Profile Trail at Grandfather Mountain State Park, and not from the profile of a man’s face that can be seen from looking at the south side of the mountain ridge from far away. I only found this out while researching this for the label. And like Blowing Rock’s head brewer Ryan says, “I’ve been lied to all my life!”

If you look at the coffee bean at the top right of the label where the words “Roasty, Toasty and Decadent” are located, you’ll see I incorporated the ridge profile of a bearded man is horizontal, right through the middle of the coffee bean. My little Easter Egg addition for this beer label design!

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