Feast of Flesh

Sometimes Scary Good, Other Times Just Plain Scary

Fall brings leaves of color, trick-or-treaters and all kinds of new craft beers to try! Of course many of those seasonal brews are pumpkin beers. They seemed to arrive super-early this year, much like how Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year. Pumpkin beers get mixed reviews, but I like them for the most part. I mean, I probably wouldn’t be designing beer logos and blogging about beer if I didn’t love all kinds!

One of my favorite NC craft pumpkin beers is Harvest Time by Big Boss Brewing. It’s a mild pumpkin beer with mild spice, but enough to give it that flavor you’d want in a seasonal brew.

I wanted to design a fun and beastly Beer-Type logo for Halloween, but I didn’t want the typical drippy, slimy Halloween font. Feast of Flesh fits the bill and gives this Beer-Type logo a perfect name. You can download it here for free. (The same as I did myself for a logo design project last year.)


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