Enduring 52 Weeks of Beer-Type Logo Designs!

Week 52’s logo was somewhat of a culmination of my year-long personal graphic design project. I’ve been wanting to use the Endurest font for a few weeks now, after stumbling across it on Creative Market. In typical Beer-Type fashion, I wasn’t originally sure how or when I would use it. After 51 other weeks of craft beer logo designs from fonts, I’d have to say I’ve endured an arduous—yet wonderful—project that had me exploring both the logo design process and the craft beer scene at a deeper level than I ever had before. And I’d say the name of this one is a great fit!

A True Beer-Type Logo

The Endurest typeface is an excellent font choice for a craft beer logo or bottle label. It’s just the type of font I was hoping to find for use in this project. It’s a modern serif font with a vintage, grungy texture—perfect for beer type. I purchased this font for only $12 from Creative Market, well worth the price. After all, I’ve paid much more for a 500mL bottle of craft beer for which I no longer have—because I drank it!

Inspired by a Western North Carolina Collaborative Craft Brew

I had first tried Winter White Stout from Asheville Brewer’s Alliance earlier this year at a Nantahala Brewing Company beer tasting at Hops & Grapes in Hickory. It’s a great beer and I love the concept, so much so that I have kept this beer style in mind for the good part of the year in hopes to create a beer logo. The unusually warm weather the past few weeks has not helped the longing for stouts and porters, but now that Winter is officially here I say bring them on!

I love trying collaborative beers, brought to fruition by two or more breweries. It’s similar to bringing in multiple designers or musicians with similar and/or different styles, and experiencing the development of something special through a group effort.

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