Craft Distillery Logo & Label Design: Lamassu Arak

WEEK 4: Distillery Logo—say what!?!? Yes, that’s correct. One of the fine benefits of creating so many logo and label designs for breweries is that every once in a while I get the chance to develop an identity for a craft distillery. This one’s for Lamassu Arak, a clear spirit considered by some as “Middle Eastern Moonshine”. This hasn’t hit the market yet (and maybe never will?) but let’s just say I’m quite proud of this one, even though it was originally designed over 5 years ago.

Distillery Logo Type Fonts

The font for the logo type is Barley, which I picked up from Pixel Surplus as a part of a Vintage Font Collection. I’ve used this in several beer logos throughout the years, and even though this liquid is a spirit, I felt it fit this distillery label quite well.

The secondary font for this label design is Gotham—one of my favorite font families! I’ve already mentioned this font in the Boiler Blowdown Beer Label Design article, and this won’t be the last you hear about it.

Craft Distillery Logo and Identity Design

The design for this craft distillery logo came from the name but also represents the spirit within. Since arak is a clean, clear spirit, I wanted to portray the label with a bright white background. I did tons of research and sketches on the Lamassu icon, and had several which were much more dimensional like a statue. But you can’t not like the clean wings and stately appearance of this guy.

This distillery label design is not your typical “front” label. It’s offset to the right when viewed from the front of the bottle, wraps to the right with a large Lamassu on the side of the bottle, and wraps one more time around to the back part of the label which contains the UPC and origin of the distillery.

Did you know?

Lamassu are winged bulls with human heads, protectors of palaces and prized possessions throughout the Middle East. Mostly in statue form, many have been destroyed throughout the years. But the memory remains and hopefully I paid homage to these beasts with proper reverence.

Stroll on over to Wikipedia to learn more about Lamassu.

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