It may sound a bit weird. But trust me it’s good. Or at least the one I had last weekend was. You see, I went to a craft beer festival last Saturday in Hickory, NC called Hickory Hops. I sampled many a beer (to say the least) and my favorite was one from Wicked Weed Brewery. Nope, it wasn’t one of those sour ales either! It was a porter brewed with cherries, espresso, and cola—splendid! As they state on their website: “this is a one of a kind dark beer you won’t forget.” Shoeless Joe Porter, I won’t forget you. But please be bottled soon so I can enjoy you more! 😉

Actually—and quite coincidentally—I’m drinking another cola beer while I write. It’s called Working Man’s Lunch from Full Steam, another North Carolina brewery. A chocolate ale, it’s their tribute to the Southern tradition of an RC Cola and a MoonPie. No cherries or espresso in this beer, but totally drinkable!

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