I Smell Bacon

Week 38’s Beer-Type logo is a play on meat packaging. I originally created a logo with the Carlingford font for a construction company here in Hickory. But upon initial review, all parties agreed it would make a better logo for a bacon label than it would for construction! I’m not big on using leftovers for other clients, but I figured I would give this one another chance and reinvent it a little for a beer logo. And what better beer to create for a meat label-like logo than a smoked porter?

A Smokin’ Good Beer

Smoked beer (or in German: Rauchbier) is characterized by a smoky flavor that comes from using barley that was dried over an open flame. True to it’s name, it tastes smoky—which initially might sound kind of gross. But don’t let that ice your taste buds until you try one. Some of the smoked beers that tickle my fancy are Quest Brewing’s Smoking Mirror and Fullsteam Brewery’s Hickory-Smoked Brown Porter. Both have striking, smoky tones but are different in their own unique way. Stone Brewing has a well-known, tasty Smoked Porter where the smoke is a bit more subtle under tones of coffee and chocolate.

All pair extremely well with smoked or grilled meats—BBQ, brisket, steak, peanut butter—whatever. But I’m thinking a good food to try with a smoked beer would be bacon brownies!

Another Great Font from Twicolabs

I’m still lovin’ the fonts I purchased in a bundle from Twicolabs Design. Carlingford is the second font from this independent type foundry that has made an excellent Beer-Type logo. (The first being Black Velvet, from Week 32.)

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