A match made in heaven for beer and typography

Starting off with one of my favorite beer type fonts… and my favorite type of beer!  There are many breweries already using Brothers for their type and logos, so why not join the party?

Brothers can be seen featured in the following craft beer brands:

So if these craft breweries can win with utilizing an appropriate font, surely I can too! And not to mention all the great IPA’s out there—too many to count—but a couple great ones from some of the folks above. And if someone were to ask me to list some of my favorite IPA’s, I would have to say Hoppalachia from Granite Falls Brewing Co. and Sculpin from Ballast Point make the cut without a doubt. So, what exactly is an IPA you ask?

IPA: It’s not just for trips to India anymore.

Well, actually it hasn’t been for quite some time! But originally an IPA (India Pale Ale) was a pale English ale that was loaded with hops (a natural preservative) in order to make the long sea voyage from England to India. There are several styles of IPA, dividing them between American (hoppier) and English (maltier). I would have to say my favorite style is an American West Coast IPA, which is characterized by varieties or fruity and floral hop flavors. But that is not to say I would ever turn my nose up at an East Coast or English IPA, or even a black or rye IPA. If you don’t know yet, you will soon… I am bit of a beer snob but I love all beers and all have their place. Hmmm… kind of like fonts!

To learn more about India Pale Ales, their history and why this craft beer style is so popular, check out these great links…


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