Craft Beer Logo & Label Design: 1623 Boiler Blowdown

Week 2: Something new. While most of the beer labels and logos I’ll display on this site have aged a bit, this one’s very recent. It’s Boiler Blowdown, a fruited sour ale with pomegranate and pistachios from 1623 Brewing Company in Eldersburg, MD. That’s right—pomegranate and pistachios!

Beer Logo Type Fonts

The font for the logo type is KLASIKAP, which can be purchased from Envato. Unlike the majority of my logo and label design projects, I had a pretty set direction for the typography from one of my early sketches. I was going for a comic book feel, and I found KLASIKAP when searching for this term. It’s a bit different from my sketch, and I ended up tweaking most of the letter forms to play into each other better. So as usual, it’s never as easy as simply typing out some words in Illustrator. And I had fun making the center of the “O” in Boiler into a pressure gauge as seen in the second sketch.

The rest of the fonts used in this beer label design are variations of Gotham—one of my go-to’s for most projects in at some point, and one of my favorite font families of all time. You’ll probably see this one come up again in another beer type logo post soon!

Craft Beer Label Design

The design for this label came from the name, which actually originated from an issue the brewer has from time to time. Here’s how 1623’s brewer Matt Evans kicked it off…

“These beers usually come about once our boiler completely breaks down on us in the middle of a brew (how [another beer] started). So I thought it would be fun to play off that, by having a boiler basically blowing its top wide open and fruit shooting out of it in all directions.”

After a few discussions and sketches with my fellow designer Shane Poteete of Built Creative, we landed on a couple to show. The one above seemed to work the best with the ingredients, and it was time to turn the concept into reality.

A Template Design for Other Beer Labels

Going forward the base label will stay the same but the fruits will get changed up between different batches and fruits 1623 decides to use. In other words the beer type logo will remain, but the colors and exploding fruit shapes will be dictated by the ingredients in future brews. I can’t wait to see what kind of sour 1623 comes up with next!

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