F25 Executive

Secret agent, man!

Week 41: F25 Executive. This font reminds me of spies and secret documents. And since it’s an undercover theme, why not a stout? I’ve been itching to design a logo like this for some time—both the blacked out letters, as well as the reverberating overlaps of color.

F25 Executive is a free font you can download from various font websites including dafont.com. It’s a slightly degenerated, proportional typewriter font perfect for spy-tech and any retro beer label design. It has become my “go-to” font for whenever I’m in need of an analog document font.

I spy an American Stout

I’m imagining this is an American Stout probably mostly like Highland Brewing Company’s Black Mocha Stout. The difference between an American Stout and an English or Irish Stout is still a bit of a mystery to me. Stouts were originally referred to as “Stout Porters” because they were stronger than traditional porters, so that’s where they spun off. I’ve read American Stouts have more hop character. American brewers also tend to add coffee or chocolate to complement the roasted flavors associated with this style. Hmm, probably why I dig an American Stout! A couple of other great ones to try are Finch’s Beer Secret Stache Stout, and a recent must-try Founders Brewing Breakfast Stout (which is considered an American Imperial or Double Stout).

NOTE: This beer-type logo design was originally “2am Blackout Stout” and crafted with the font Blackout from The League of Movable Type. It comes in 3 styles which are Midnight (solid), 2AM (reversed), & Sunrise (stroked). I changed the name (and font) as not to infringe upon Blackout Stout by Great Lakes Brewing Company. Which by the way, is a tasty beer itself!

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