Craft Beer Packaging Design: Blowing Rock Bindle Box

WEEK 5: Bindle Box from Blowing Rock Brewing: a 12-can variety pack containing 3 each of their 4 core beers.

Beer Packaging Type Fonts

The main font for this variety pack is simply called BLACK, which I got for free in a Vintage font pack a long time ago—but I can’t remember and that was before I was more organized! I had been looking to use this font in something beer related, and even had it on my list of fonts to create a Beer-Type Logo.

Additional fonts used for this craft beer packaging design were Niveau Grotesk and Columbia Titling, both of which are Blowing Rock Brewing corporate fonts. Perhaps I’ll do an article in the future about those and how they were used to created Blowing Rock’s corporate identity system.

Craft Beer Packaging Design Mockup

Award-Winning Craft Beer Packaging Design

The design for this packaging was completed in 2021, and it won an American Packaging Design Award from Graphic Design USA Magazine by a nationwide panel of judges. You can read the press release on my website for more information.

I definitely had fun creating this packaging. I loved using big type and making the box look like a “box”, which was actually a scan of the inside of an oven pizza box.

Did You Know?

A bindle is a stick with a bundle, usually of bedding and other possessions, carried by a hobo. The bindle on this box was created using an old hiking stick and one of my plaid shirts. Does this make me a hobo? Only time will tell 😉

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