Beer-Type Logos Resurrected

It’s been 7 years since my first Beer-Type Logo design, and well over 5 years since my last post on the BTL Instagram account. Has time flown by that fast? Did I forget about logos for breweries and other craft beverages? Did I stop caring? YES. No. And no…

Celebrating Craft Beer Logos and Packaging Design

The original intention can be better explained here, but the gist is that I endured this project with the high hopes of breaking further into the craft beer and beverage market through logo, label and packaging design. It happened! I currently work steadily with breweries like Blowing Rock Brewing, Pisgah Brewing Company, Sidetracked Brewery and many others. I’ve had the opportunity to work on labels for distilled spirits, seltzers and even non-alcoholic packaged beverages, as well as websites, emails and other marketing materials. And several of my Beer-Type logos have actually turned into real craft beers!

From Personal Beer Logo Project to Beverage Design Portfolio

So now, in 2023, I’ll take a turn to promote projects old and new, in a fitting way through Beer-Type Logos. My goal for this year is to showcase at least one “real” project per week for the entire year: this could be a beer label, logo design, packaging, etc—and who knows, maybe some new Beer-Type Logos along the way! I’ll discuss the fonts used, the design approach, and the overall aesthetic involved with actual beverages in the market. (In case you’re counting, that’s 52 designs for 2023!)

Can this be done again? Sure! But not without commitment and dedication. And what better way to commit than to publish this article on the interwebs and force myself to follow through. After all, that’s how I got through this project the first time—way back in 2015!

About m.e.

Matt Everley is a graphic designer in Hickory, NC. Through his studio m.e.designlab, Matt provides creative solutions for branding projects through art direction, logo design, packaging, web sites and marketing collateral for clients and agencies of all shapes and sizes.

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