Craft Beer Logo & Branding Design: Bear Chase Brewing

Week 3: One of my favorite craft brewery logos I’ve ever created! This is for Bear Chase Brewing Company in Bluemont, VA. One of the owners found me in a search for brewery logo designers, and guess which website he found? Beer-Type Logos! And the rest is history, including an actual real-life beer created after one of my Beer-Type logos called Buttons the Bear Oatmeal Stout.

After the logo design was completed, I was invited up to Virginia to take photos of the brewery and the surrounding grounds. And a lot of these photos wound up on their website, which—if I may add—was designed by myself as well!

Bear Chase Brewing is a destination farm brewery in Loudoun County, Virginia. Their view is amazing, and one could stay all day just for this. They also have a huge house with an indoor pool on their property which is available on VRBO and AirBNB for overnight guests. And in the years since I visited, they have acquired another rental house, as well as a rental cottage. I can’t wait to visit again!

Beer Logo Type Fonts

The font for the logo type is Sofia Rough, which I had actually used in a Beer-Type Logo aptly named Sofia. I had purchased this in a font bundle from Envato but it can be found on several font and creative marketplaces. Sofia had been on my radar ever since, and I was happy to employ this font on Bear Chase Brewing’s logo and other branded materials.

The secondary font for this brewery logo is called MADE Goodtime Grotesk, which can be purchased for commercial use at Creative Market. You can also download this font for free for personal use from several font websites. Give it a google and try it out for yourself! I used this font as close match for Sophia, because to me Goodtime Grotesk looks like a cleaner version of Sofia.

Bear Chase Brewing Logo Design

Craft Beer Logo and Identity Design

The design for this craft brewery logo came from combining creative concepts with the likes and wishes of the brewery’s owners. They wanted an oval logo with an icon which could be used by itself, and after several iterations, we had a winner.

An Iconic Icon for a Craft Brewery!

My favorite part of this brewery logo has to be the paw print icon. I was able to work the silhouette of the state of Virginia into the hills of palm of the paw. Can you see it? Once you see it, you can’t unsee it! And this icon alone has been a stable on merchandise, signage and many branded materials.

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