Off-farm Beers Are Good Too!

Week 48. Just when I was going through my head and milling over the types of beer for which I could make a logo… a beer style I had never tried before! Enter Bloody Butcher Appalachian Grisette from Morganton, NC’s Fonta Flora Brewery, one of the more rare beer styles I’ve tried and a unique experience for my taste buds. It’s kinda like a saison-lite, if that makes sense. Some people call Grisettes “session saisons” so I’d say my theory holds true, although this beer is considered a Witbier on Untappd (as well as other grisettes I saw on there, hmm.) It has a dryness that keeps you coming back for more.

A Working Girl’s Beer?

The word “grisette” is French for a young, working-class woman. While saisons were the brew of farmers, grisettes were popular in the mining region of Belgium. Women in gray uniforms would typically bring around these beers to the men working in the mines, hence the name given to the beer. (The word “grisette” is derived from “gris” which is French for gray.) So of course all of this played an inspiring role in my Beer-Type logo design. For more details on grisettes and further inspiration, check out Rare Beer Styles: Rate G, an article detailing rare beers beginning with the letter “G”.

A Font That Fits

I chose Baurbon for my grisette Beer-Type logo because I like the scripty, paint-brushed feel. Plus, it sounds French! I got this typeface as part of my Indie Font Bundle, but I’m pretty sure you can download it for free on that internet thing people keep talking about.


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