As I scrolled through some fonts in my extensive catalog, I came across Banger. In my mind this started as a pale ale, but then I thought more on what the name conjured up in this blurry brain of mine. The term “bangers and mash” came to mind, and then to traditional Irish meals and beer. So I looked up a recipe for bangers and mash, and realized it was not only an Irish tradition, but British in general. So I thought, hmm, what’s my favorite British beer? That would have to be Newcastle.

But I haven’t had Newcastle in quite some time, since I’ve fallen in love with craft beer. And the brown ale that has replaced the brit brown ale is Sweet Josie Brown by Lonerider Brewing, in heavy rotation I might add. And best of all, it’s brewed right here in good ole North Carolina!

So where’s all this going, you might ask? (I’m asking myself the same, actually) Well, as it turns out I seem to have been influenced by both Newcastle and Sweet Josie Brown in this homage to brown ale. Maybe, just maybe, Banger Brown is the name of Sweet Josie’s father who carries a british accent? Yes, a stretch, but this is where I’ve gone with it, so I hope you followed my inspiration trail.

Banger is the first font I’ve used from my shiny new Indie Font Bundle I purchased from Envato. Be on the lookout for more Beer-Type Logos to come from these fonts!

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